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Marine binoculars, a must have on board! It's important to have a good view of the water, especially on long-distance cruises. Binoculars are invaluable when it comes to locating floataing objects and buoys in the water. From us you can buy binoculars from Fujinon and SEATEC. To binocular guide » Learn more about Binoculars...
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7x50 binoculars have been popular with sailors for decades. They feature a fixed magnification of seven times and have a lens diameter of approx. 50 millimetres, which makes them very light-intense. Nowadays, marine optics with higher or variable magnification are also available, which are equipped with an electronic image stabiliser.

Generally speaking, the more expensive the binoculars, the better they will be. It'll be hard to get the best optical performance and a robust mechanism that can also withstand moisture, cold and heat over the long term for less than 500 euros. This has been seen time and time again in YACHT tests.
In our webshop you will find a large selection of binoculars, night vision devices, thermal cameras as well as binocular holders, bags, floatbale neck straps from a wide range of manufacturers, such as SEATEC, Fujinon, Bresser, Minox and Steiner.

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Jose M. on 29.07.2021

SVB Excellent and very fast service. Goods very well packed and received in good order.

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Sorin Adrian U. on 21.07.2021

Payment by card must be accepted as well

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Ladislav V. on 09.07.2021

Reliable partner and supplier . Everything handled perfectly and quickly.