Natural World Women's Boat Shoes

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The manufacturer Natural World produces its sustainable footwear exclusively in Spain. 100% eco-friendly materials are used to produce the shoes: natural rubber and organic cotton (certified). Not only are the materials environmentally friendly, a special machine that does not use adhesives or chemicals, but solely works with heat and pressure, is used to produce the shoes. 
The result is a fashionable and ecological shoe that is breathable, flexible, comfortable and easy to clean (can be washed at 30º).

For the sake of the environment

Natural World shoes are mainly made of cotton and rubber. The cotton comes from Spain and carries the Made in Green certificate, which confirms that no harmful substances were used and no minors were employed, making it 100% environmentally friendly. In addition, rubber, directly from the rubber tree, is a qualitative material and an important part of the shoe, allowing you to walk comfortably.

The traditional production process of vulcanization involves the joining of two raw materials, cotton and rubber. The rubber is placed in a special machine in order to melt and then stick to the cotton. The shoe is formed by applying pressure to both materials.

All this happens without the use of chemicals or adhesives. Natural World shoes are made exclusively by applying heat and pressure.

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Janko S. on 26.09.2022

I ordered you delivered always in time!

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ANTONIO C. on 26.09.2022

This was fast!!!

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Dimitris T. on 23.09.2022

I am a regular customer, Always satisfied