Trailer Winches

Stainless Steel Winch
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Brake Winch
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Brake Winch
114.95 EUR from €114.95
Trailer Winch
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Trailer Winch
44.95 EUR from €44.95
Electric Winches
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JABSCO Electric Winches
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Winch Cables
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Winch Cables
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Trailer Winches

The angle of inclination, friction factors and the weight of the boat are, among other things, important factors that influence the size / type of a suitable trailer winch. In general, our experts assume a ratio of 2:1. Meaning that for a boat weight of 1500 kg you would require a winch with 750 kg vertical tensile force. The weight / traction ratio can be improved to 2.5:1 - 3:1 if smooth-running trailer rolls are being used. It might drop to 1:1 if you have to pull your boat across simple wooden blocks.
When in doubt and under harsh conditions (e.g. salt water), a simple rule applies: better choose the trailer winch one size bigger. Important: Never use a crank-handle extension!
Please note: Our product details assume a ratio of 2.5:1

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