Hydraulic Steering for Boats

Thanks to thoroughly detailed production measures, combined with the latest manufacturing methods, we offer top quality hydraulic steering systems. These systems consist of two parts: the hydraulic hand pump with axial plungers and the double-acting gimbal steering cylinder.
All items are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and are encased in corrosion-resistant materials. Installation of the steering system is extremely simple, only the copper pipes and flexible hydraulic hoses need to be installed. To connect a second control object or an electro-hydraulic pump for autopilots, one needs an upgrade kit and corresponding locking blocks. To select your steering system, choose the type of cylinder that you need (depending on your type of ship or the required rudder moment) and the matching hydraulic pump.
Relevant calculations are available.

More infos about hydraulic cylinders and pumps
Hydraulic cylinders determine the force of a hydraulic steering system, while all pumps are interchangeable in theory. If a lower number of steering wheel rotation is desired, a control pump with a larger capacity (output per wheel rotation) needs to be chosen.
For the cylinder, we recommend the nylon hose with ø 10 x 2 mm, or the copper pipe with ø 10 x 1 mm. The hydraulic steering can be combined easily with an autopilot.
Major installations for commercial vessels are available upon request (also with a GL certificate).

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Ivan L. on 29.11.2022

good service

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Pekka S. on 29.11.2022

Exelent fast. Good emails with svb staf for selecting the rudder indicator and display.

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David L. on 29.11.2022

Everything I need under one roof with quick delivery