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Marine alternators must be able to withstand heavy loads. Find out what is important when choosing a replacement alternator for your boat and discover our wide range of 12V and 24V alternators. We offer single or dual foot marine alternators from 45 - 90 A. 


- How to find the right replacement alternator - 

Which criteria should be considered when selecting a replacement alternator? 

1. Robust construction
Marine alternators are usually operated under high loads. To achieve a long service life, they should be equipped with high-temperature grease, large cooling vents, large fans, high strength bearings and high-current diodes.

2. High performance
The alternator output should be between 25% - 40% of your total battery capacity.

3. Structural shape
Most replacement alternators are available in 4 different designs. The structural shape is determined by the width (B), number and spacing (C) of the attachment points (eyes). This can be compensated for with spacers.

4. Belt pulleys
Heavy-duty alternators require different belt widths according to their power. Up to 70A, a 3/8" (10mm) belt is required and up to 100A, a 1/2" (13mm) belt is required. For units above 100A, a double belt is recommended.

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During 2 days I received my order in Czech.

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I input the wrong address in my order and DHL was unable to deliver. Tjade Diercks immediately resent the order and I had it the next day!