Isolating/Coupler Diodes for Boats

Isolators allow several batteries to be charged simultaneously from one alternator or battery charger without having to connect the individual batteries in parallel. 

Isolation Diodes for Boats

- Charge up to 3 batteries simultaneously -

What are the advantages of isolators on board?

Isolators are used so that individual batteries do not need to be connected in parallel. This prevents starter batteries and batteries that supply other devices, such as the lighting or bow thruster with power from being mutually dishcarged. 

What are the advantages of isolators with integrated compensating diode?

Commercially available isolating diodes cause a voltage drop of between 0.3 and 1.2 V, depending on their design. This may not sound like much, but the result is an incomplete charging process and batteries will not be charged 100%. Our isolating diodes feature Schottky diodes with a voltage drop of 0.7 V. Using isolating diodes with integrated compensating diode reduces the voltage drop to almost 0.005 V. For these diodes a cable must be connected from D+ alternator to the diodes distributor.

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