Plexiglass for Boats

Plexiglass is perfect for use in boats due to its properties. As a material, Plexiglass is resistant to both weather and age and has a high breaking strength. Plexiglass even transmits light better than normal glass. We offer Plexiglass supplied in the dimensions of your choice for the production of boat windows, ceiling hatches, roofings or other such glazing needs on board.  Learn more about Plexiglass...

Different types of Plexiglass
We supply Plexiglass GS and Plexiglass XT. Plexiglass GS is produced by casting the raw material between two mirror plates, giving it its shape. Thus, this type of Plexiglass achieves an extremely high quality surface with a light transmission level of 92%. Plexiglass GS can be ordered from us in Umbra. Plexiglass XT is extruded in production. The optical quality of Plexiglass XT is nowhere near as high as Plexiglass GS, but it is cheaper. 

Makrolon panels as safety glass
The surface of Makrolon is, unlike Plexiglass, much softer. This makes it more sensitive to scratches. Nevertheless, Makrolon panels also are extremely impact resistant. This material is therefore mainly used as safety glass.

Sizes and cutting of Plexiglass and Makrolon
We supply Plexiglass and Makrolon in 5-12 mm thickness. You can choose from a whole panel (3050 x 2050 or 2030 mm) or half or quarter panels. Please be aware, when ordering whole Plexiglass panels could result in increased delivery costs due to their size. We will gladly cut your Plexiglass panel to the dimensions of your choice, without any extra charge.

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SVB is and was always a very reliable address, very recommendable

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