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Drinking Glasses

Unbreakable! These pristine drinking glasses will not shatter, even during harsh sea conditions. From fine wine glasses to latte macchiato glasses – we have the right glassware for any situation. Enjoy an ice cold drink on board under the sunset!
Wine Glass 25 cl / 2-set
Product image
GIMEX Wine Glass 25 cl / 2-set
12.95 EUR In stock only €12.95
Tall Beer Glass 0.5 l / single
Product image
Caipirinha-Latte Glass 33 cl / single
Product image
Drinking glass 15 cl / 4-set
Product image
Champagne Glass 12 cl / 2-set
Product image
ELEGANZA Champagne Glass / 2-set
Product image
Tea Cups 35 cl / 2-set
Product image
GIMEX Tea Cups 35 cl / 2-set
8.95 EUR In stock only €8.95
Latte Machiato Glass 0.3 L / 2-set
Product image
Drinking Glass 25 cl / 2-set
Product image
White Wine Glass 25 cl / single
Product image
Shot Glass / 4-set
Product image
GIMEX Shot Glass / 4-set
9.95 EUR In stock only €9.95
Grappa Glasses / 2-set
Product image
GIMEX Grappa Glasses / 2-set
11.95 EUR In stock only €11.95

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