Raymarine Radar Antennas

Raymarine's radar antennas set new standards for solid-state radar. Take advantage of easy connectivity via WLAN or classic connection via data cable. Quantum radar antennas are energy efficient and provide crystal clear images over long and short distances Learn more about Raymarine...
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The Raymarine Quantum Series sets new standards for solid-state radar. Take advantage of easy connection via WLAN or a conventional data cable connection. The Quantum radar antennas are particularly energy efficient and offer crystal clear images over both long and short distances.
The new Raymarine Quantum 2 Radar antenna has, in addition to the features of the Quantum Radar antenna, a Doppler mode which allows you to highlight moving targets, identify them and determine whether they are incoming or outgoing. Depending on the target, they are marked red for incoming or green for outgoing. 
The classic Raymarine HD Colour Digital Radar antennas offer exceptional performance in demanding conditions. Functions such as bird mode and dual range operation at high rotation speed are supported by the antennas. 

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Monte P. on 16.09.2020

Fast delivery...3 days no extra charge.

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Gary D. on 16.09.2020

Cheapest and quickest delivery

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ANITTA N. on 15.09.2020

The product was great, which I had been looking for for a long time and delivery to the door fast

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