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Little help for VHF marine radio antennas and connecting elements.
A transmitting and receiving system is basically composed of three parts, forming a system. Firstly, it is a radio itself, the coax cable with connectors and plugs and the FM antenna. Learn more about VHF Antennas...
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Often the least attention is paid to the cable and the connections. But these components are also an important part of the system and therefore should be selected accordingly (a chain is only as strong as its weakest link). For FM antennas the general principle applies that the range is increased with the height of the antenna. Similarly, the range increases also with the gain, which is expressed in dB. However, care must be taken during amplification, since with increasing dB-transmission the transmitter radius weakens. Therefore it is recommended, e.g. for antennas mounted on the mast of sailing yachts, to choose a lower dB-number, since these leave a uniformly strong signal even with large fluctuations.
Motor sport boats and yachts are generally not exposed to strong fluctuations due to the small height and therefore mostly use long rod antennas. For amplification, the golden middle is chosen around 6 dB mostly. Usually the mounting onto antenna feet or holders is done with a  ¾“ threaded connection (AG).

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