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Have control over your ship with switchboards made by SEATECAll SEATEC switchboards and power distribution panels are equipped with the described circuit breakers (M series) from Carling Tech. Learn more about Seatec - Electrical Panels...
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These magnetic-hydraulic circuit breakers are characterized by extremely accurate triggering behavior, regardless of the ambient temperature. In addition, the circuit breaker fulfill both the function of a fuse, but are also on / off switch. The control panels are equipped with 3, 5, 8 and 10 amp machines as standard. Different assembly possible with no extra charge. The SEATEC switchboards are stackable. Existing systems can thus be easily extended. Operating voltage 12-14 volts. Support plate of 2.5 mm aluminum, with black PU coating. All panels are enclosed with a chart of stickers for labeling the circuits

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Victor F. on 09.04.2021

Excellent customer service from SVB and quick response to emails

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Jose M. on 07.04.2021

Teak products are high priced but given the amount of work in this teak item, price is fair. Outstanding SVB service delivering very fast during the pandemic.

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Marin K. on 06.04.2021

It is a pleasure working with you. Great service!