Hella Marine NaviLED® Compact

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Thanks to LED technology, Hella Marine NaviLED® Compact navigation lights require considerably less energy than conventional navigation lights for the same range & are characterised by their long service life. In contrast to filament lights, the built-in semiconductor components are completely shockproof and vibration-resistant. 

Hella Marine NaviLED® Compact

- Compact, durable and energy efficient - 

What is Multivolt technology from Hella Marine?

Multivolt technology guarantees a uniform light output between 8 and 28 volts and protects the light module against voltage peaks and reverse polarity. The 2.5 m cabling ensures a fast, safe and waterproof installation of the NaviLED® Compact navigation lights on board.

What is special about Hella Marine NaviLED® Compact navigation lights?

Although they have the same 2 NM range as other navigation lights, they require less than 10% of the power required. Hella Marine NaviLED® Compact navigation lights are fully sealed to protection class IP 67. 

What are the dimensions of Hella Marine NaviLED® Compact navigation lights?

Navigation lights in the NaviLED® Compact series have a height of 53 mm, a width of 71 mm and a depth of 33 mm.

What approvals do Hella Marine's NaviLED® Compact lights have?

NaviLED® Compact series navigation lights from Hella Marine have been tested and officially certified by the following bodies:


- IMO Col Reg 72



- ABYC A-16

- Maritime NZ

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Kim R. on 07.10.2022

Very fast delivery.

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Andrew B. on 07.10.2022

The delivery to Lanzarote took 16 days.

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José B. on 07.10.2022