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QUICK Nautical Equipment - Made in Italy since 1992 In 1996, QUICK launched the first windlass with ARIES. Today, SVB offers a wide range of different QUICK windlasses with various features. Since 1998 hot water boilers and heating elements in various volumes followed by bow thrusters and on-board electrical systems, such as battery chargers or remote controls, have been added to the QUICK portfolio. The windlass, bow thruster, keel hydraulics and gangway can be controlled by means of the practical hand-held remote control.
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Hella Marine puts your boat in the spotlight! Specializing in maritime outdoor and indoor lighting as well as navigation lanterns, Hella marine continuously develops products that are contemporary, energy-efficient and also long-lasting.
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These exclusive luxury lights for perfect room lighting on board are made by prebit with sophisticated electronics - individually designed to suit different areas of application. In the production of their elegant boat and living space lights, prebit relies on the highest quality in materials and workmanship, with great attention to detail. The company has its own factory and is based in Rheibach.
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BAREBONES was founded by Robert Workman, a native of Northern Wyoming. Food, nature, & the primal pull of the fire are what the company is all about. Their products are designed to elevate the outdoor experience, something the company is sure of and stands proudly behind. At SVB, we stock a range of BAREBONES maritime LED table & pendant lights and lanterns. Brighten up your life on board & ashore!
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Would you like to install a new onboard toilet or convert your manual WC? Is your onboard toilet system outdated, in need of repair or was it built according to the previous owner's specifications and not yours? Ocean technologies can offer solutions here. The company develops and produces high-quality sanitary products for the marine sector. The manual onboard toilets, electric marine toilets or conversion kits and suitable pumps have been produced for over 30 years in Isola Del Cantone, a small Italian town about 25 km from Genoa. In order to consistently meet the requirements for high-quality marine equipment, production is carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system, and many products also have Italian R.I.N.A. approval or comply with SOLAS regulations.
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