Cables & Installation Material for Boats

In order to keep voltage drop in the cable as low as possible and to avoid impermissible heating of the cables, it is necessary to carefully determine the required cable cross-sections. The voltage drop (loss) between power sources and consumers must not exceed certain values. Learn more about Cables & Installation Material...

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Blue Sea Systems has over 1,000 electrical components for your on-board electrical system. In addition to use in the shipping industry, the tried and tested and extremely resilient components are also used in all kinds of utility vehicles (e.g. US police or fire brigade). The large product range, rapid availability and worldwide sales network have made Blue Sea Systems a leading supplier of on-board electrical components since 1992.
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Innovative designs, powerful solutions. Founded in 1920, Carling Technologies today is one of the biggest global manufacturers of hydraulic-magnetic switches.
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What began in 1960 as Franz Binder, a private company starting as a workshop for mechanics and turned parts is now one of the market leaders in the field of circular connectors. The family-run company from Neckarsulm works with 45 sales partners on 5 continents. BINDER power connectors can be found in the SVB online shop in the Plug-In Connectors category. The waterproof connectors are used on board to couple electrical lines. With features such as high permissible nominal current, screw connection technology with simple and secure thread locking and wide connection space for easy and simple installation, these connectors are perfect for use in marine applications.
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Aviation engineer Trevor Reed founded the company SCANSTRUT more than 30 years ago and has since established himself in the boating community. If you are looking for reliable mounting solutions for your radar, SAT antenna or other on-board instruments, the first choice is usually "a SCANSTRUT". The company offers a wide range of installation solutions for sailboats, motorboats or commercial shipping. The military also also appreciates the extremely sturdy solutions of the English assembly experts, who in addition to marine solutions develop and sell products for use in aviation and the offroad community.
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BEP from New Zealand specializes in electronic components for yachts, boats, caravans or campers. All products are specifically designed for harsh environments at sea and on land and can be easily integrated into existing systems. As part of the globally active Power Products LLC, which in addition to BEP includes the brands Marinco, Mastervolt, ProMariner, Blue Sea Systems, Lenco and Ancor, BEP's engineers and product managers are developing a wide range of circuit protection, battery management and digital cicuitry products.
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Cables & Installation Material

Cables & Installation Material for Boats

- The correct cable cross section is essential - 

The maximum permissible voltage loss of navigation lights is 5%, which is 0.60 V for a 12 V vehicle electrical system. For other consumers, the voltage loss is 7%, which corresponds to 0.84 V for a 12 V vehicle electrical system.
The required conductor cross-section, wherein the permissible voltage drop (V) is not exceeded, is calculated as follows:
Since the current is multi-directional and it has 2 cores, the conductor length is twice as large as the cable length (the distance between the consumer and battery). The constant 56 = conductivity of copper.

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