Sterling Battery Chargers

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Sterling Pro Charge Ultra series chargers can be used worldwide with DC voltage in the range of 130-320 V and with AC voltage in the range of 80-270 V. They increase the longevity of your battery and constantly monitor the charging process, keeping you informed via an integrated display. 

Sterling Battery Chargers

- Compatible with virtually any type of battery, worldwide -

Sterling Pro Charge Ultra Battery Chargers

Sterling's Pro Charge Ultra battery chargers can charge up to three batteries at a time, helping to prolong the life of your batteries. The chargers can be operated with direct current (130 - 320 V) as well as alternating voltage (80-270V) and are therefore usable worldwide. The Sterling Pro Charge Ultra chargers can be used for gel, AGM, maintenance-free or open lead-acid batteries, for calcium or even LiFePo4 batteries. Equalisation and desulphation charging happens every 7-10 days, which increases the longevity of your battery. A processor constantly monitors the function of the charger and the battery charge and switches off the charger in case of malfunctions. Sterling's Pro Charge Ultra battery chargers have built-in LED and digital indicators to let you know at any time if your batteries are charging correctly. Featuring a compact design and very low weight, Sterling battery chargers are the perfect choice.

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Sakib S. on 03.10.2023

I was super please with price and delivery service. Saki, Croatia

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Ray L. on 03.10.2023

A great product with the best price i could find online, well packaged and very fast delivery to me here in Greece

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Eric H. on 02.10.2023

Easy to mount the connectors.