Battery Pulsers - 100% performance and a 3-5 fold increase in service life! In every lead-acid battery, a sulfate discharge is produced. In practice, starter batteries become defective after an average of 4 years, and traction/stationary batteries are defective after an average of 7 years. Sulfation is produced whenever a battery is at rest and is not discharged or charged.

Battery Balancers

- Extend your battery operating time with a battery balancer -

How do battery balancers work?

Battery balancers, also known as charge balancers, or battery pulsers, support desulphation through special electronic pulses. This results in a constant supply of 100% battery power, increased system reliability and a three to five-fold increase in battery life. 

Where can battery balancers be used?

Charge balancers can be used to recharge any type of lead-acid battery. They can also be used with gel batteries, but in this case, the cleaning process takes a little longer. Pulser systems are voltage dependent. Higher battery capacity impacts on the cleaning time, i.e. the higher the capacity (Ah), the longer the cleaning time. Experience indicates that there are applications with battery pulsers where an increase in battery capacity only occurs after half a year, especially with large traction batteries. Battery balancers are not only used for 12 V or 24 V boat starter batteries, but also for vintage cars, motor cars, in the caravan sector, for trucks and airplanes. 

Installing battery pulsators

Install the battery pulser directly between the two battery poles on a suitable, clean surface with self-adhesive velcro strips and secure with cable ties if necessary. Connect the red terminal to the positive pole, the black to the negative pole. The pulser has an automatic shut off function should the battery fall below the nominal voltage.

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