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Electrics on board - a challenge for every sailor. One should always apply the highest standards to the fitting, quality and reliability of the electrical installation on board. A failure of the power supply can lead to very unpleasant consequences at sea. 

Therefore, it is important that the electrical system and energy management on your boat is regularly checked or even reworked at the beginning of the season. Nothing lasts forever and the harsh weather conditions at sea, as well as high humidity and sea salt stress the individual system components of your yacht significantly more than on land. Furthermore, it can be observed that additional equipment, such as a chart plotter with radar, an on-board heater, a stereo, a coffee-machine or even a laptop, the original energy balance of your boat is no longer correct and the system consumption increases significantly. This affects not only the capacity of the installed battery, but also the capacity of the used charger.
In recent years, technology has greatly developed and the subject of on-board electric is a growing challenge for boat owners. This is why it is essential to have the right partner at your side, a partner that advices you correctly and that can supply you with the latest technology for your ship. SVB offers its customers a huge selection of everything that concerns the electric system of your yacht. Starting with the right wires and terminals, from chargers, batteries, and wiring technology to lighting, such as navigation lights or the interior lighting for your boat. Solar panels, wind generators and control panels are also available in various designs.

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