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Inverters & Rectifiers

230V on board! Inverters are worth their purchase in many regards, mainy because you save money on the additional purchase of expensive 12V devices. Short-term devices, such as microwave ovens, drills, multi-tools and electronics with charging stations are especially suitable for operation with inverters.
Who wants to go on board without their laptop these days? Installing a microwave on board makes cooking at sea not only a pleasure, but it also greatly contributes to safety on board as well. Even if your yacht has a built-in generator, an inverter with an appropriately sized switching station can take over the short-term operation of these devices.

Inverters are differentiated into two groups:
  •  Trapezoidal inverters: The "check values" are well suited for simple devices without microelectronics. Sensitive devices such as washers, dryers, DVD player or plasma TV can be damaged by simplified "dirty" sine curves.
  •  Sine wave inverters: These units have "clean" sine curves and are suitable for almost all devices. Devices with a high inrush current, such as pumps, refrigerators, compressors, etc. require 10-20-fold higher invertion power than the nominal power specified on the devices.
During assembly, it is essential to ensure the use of adequately sized cable cross-sections. The 12V / 24V connection cable to the inverter should be twisted together, in order to avoid disturbances in the electrical system.
With a fixed installation, operation is recommended with a remote control, and for security reasons, you should install  an automatic switching station on all devices without priority circuits.
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Voltage Converter for Notebooks
DC Master / Current Converter 24/12
Mobile trapeze inverter PRO POWER Q
Remote Control Panel for Inverters
Inverter 12 V / 1000 W
699.95 EUR In stock only €699.95
AC MASTER / Sinus Inverter
PerfectPower PP-B Sine Wave Inverter
KOMFORT Remote Control
STANDARD MCR-9 Remote Control for SinePower
MSI-N SinePower Inverter
CoolPower EPS 817 Rectifier
AC MASTER / Sinus Inverter
WEACO - Sine Wave Inverters PerfectPower PP-S
MASS SINE Sine Wave Inverters
100 W Rectifier AC/DC
True Sine Wave Power Inverters

Shore Supply

Shore Power Connection Unit / 30 mA
Shore Power Connection Unit LAE 100 / LAE 110
Shore Power Connection Unit LAE 110
1129.95 EUR In stock from €1,129.95
CEE Shore Power Plugs and Connectors
Stainless Steel Shore Power Inlet Cover
CEE plug to 2x CEE 1x Schuko / 3 triple combination
NEMA/CEE Shore Power Connection Adapter
Y-cable 1x CEE socket / 2x CEE coupler
Shore Power NEMA connector, stainless steel
Shore Power Input
MP-16 Coupling Connector for MASTERVOLT Shore Power Socket
Cap for CEE-Connector


EU 10i Generator
EU 20i Generator
Charging Cable 12V
Covering Hood for EU10i
Covering Hood for EU20i

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