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Navigation Lights

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Navigation Lights

Navigation lights for your boat. The use and placement of position lights and guiding lights in sailboats & motor boats are precisely defined by the IMO COLREG 72 regulation.

1. All-Round-Lamp:
A light that radiates a circle of 360°. These lamps may emit white, red or green light, depending on their application.

2. Side lights:
A green light on the starboard side and a red light on the port side each showing an unbroken light over an arc of horizon of 112.5° and so fixed as to show the light from right ahead to 22.5° abaft the beam on the respective side. On ships up to 20 m overall length the sidelights may be replaced by a two-color lantern. This must be centered on the rear axle bow of the ship.

3. Stern light:
A white light, which is mounted to the rear as close as possible and radiates an arc of 135°. Assembly should be equal to the sidelights.

4. Masthead light:
The masthead light is a white light that is exactly aligned with the center of the bow-stern axis of the vessel and radiates an arc of 225°. Mounting min. 1m higher than the sidelights. Commonly the masthead light is referred to as "steaming light", both is correct.

5. Tricolour navigation light (sailors lantern):
On sailings vessels up to 20 m in length, you are allowed to combine the sidelights and stern light into one light, which is mounted on top of the mast. When the sailing vessel is motorized, the use of tricolor lights is prohibited. Then the rules for power/motor boats apply.
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