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Professional Deep Cycle AGM Batteries
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VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM Batteries
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Marine Batteries
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VETUS Marine Batteries
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AGM Batteries
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Gel Batteries
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EXIDE Gel Batteries
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PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery / 40 Ah
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DOMETIC PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery / 40 Ah
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Marine Batteries

There are various types of batteries that can be installed on a boat. However, not every type is perfectly suitable for the use on the water. Here we present you an overview of the three main battery types and their function, advantages and technical details.   
Gel batteries
Batteries that are filled with gel and the acid is totally embedded in this gel. This makes the battery maintenance-free and the cases are completely sealed. Gel batteries are absolutely tip-over proof and can be installed in any position on the boat. No need to be afraid of hydrogen gas which makes the installation in the interior of a yacht very easy and safe.
Gel batteries are extremely shock resistant, leak-proof, relatively insensitive to deep discharge and have a very low self-discharge rate. The cycle stability for gel batteries is indicated at around 400-500 cycles. When used in normal board operation and proper handeling, in a life expectancy of more than 7 years. Gel batteries are excellent as consumer and service batteries on board. Duo to the lower cold start current, gel batteries are not perfectly suitable as starter batteries, and have to be purchased in more powerful versions accordingly.
AGM batteries
AGM batteries maintenance free battery type for use on boats and in mobile power supplies. Because of their closed design, these batteries are leak proof and can be operated in virtually any position. AGM batteries are far more efficient, robust and at the same time more economical than conventional batteries. Due to their particular structure, AGM batteries are able to dispense high currents in a short time and regain them quickly back again. The very low internal resistance of this battery allows for much faster charging with high currents. The charging times are up to 80% quicker when compared to other battery types. This makes AGM batteries especially useful for use on yachts and mobile power supplies. The cycle lifespan of AGM batteries is roughly comparable with those of gel batteries, providing 300-700 (or even higher) cycles, depending on the model.
Lead acid batteries
Conventional batteries that are commonly used in the automotive industry as a starter battery and are designed for delivering high currents in short time. These batteries arefileld with sulfuric acid and are not leak-proof. These batteries are therefore not fully  recommended for use on boats and yachts. During charging, highly explosive hydrogen gas may arise and this is why these batteries should always be installed in areas with adequate ventilation.
Any questions? Whether to choose Zenith or Exide  whether AGM battery or SMF (sealed mainenance-free). Your SVB professionals are happy to help you!

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