Battery Refreshers

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Battery Balancer / Charge Balancer BLA
Product image of PHILIPPI Battery Balancer / Charge Balancer BLA
PHILIPPI Battery Balancer / Charge Balancer BLA
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MEGAPULSE - Battery Pulser
Product image of NOVITEC MEGAPULSE - Battery Pulser
69.95 EUR from €69.95

Battery Refreshers

The solution: In principle it's quite simple - desulfation support electronically, with special pulses. The advantages: There is always 100% battery power available, the system's reliability increases, and battery life extends by up to three to five times.

Scope of application: Any type of lead-acid battery can be regenerated, as well as gel batteries (although the cleaning process takes a little longer). Whether starter batteries are in vintage cars, passenger cars or caravans at 12V, or in trucks, boats or aircraft at 24V.

Experience: Experience has shown that there are applications with battery-pulsers, which result in a battery-capacity increase after only half a year, especially in large traction batteries.

In general: Pulser systems are battery-voltage dependent. At higher battery capacities, an effect on the cleaning times arrises, ie. the higher the capacity (Ah), the longer the cleaning time.

Installation: The battery pulser is mounted directly between the two battery poles on a suitable, clean surface with self-adhesive velcro strips and possibly secured with cable ties. The red terminal is connected to the positive pole, the black to the negative terminal. The pulser has an automatic shut off function when the battery falls below the rated voltage.

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