Paint, Care, Cleaning and Repair Kits for Inflatable Boats

To keep your inflatable boat looking good and fully operational for a long time, you should clean and maintain it regularly. Discover our cleaning and care products specially designed for the PVC material of inflatable boats! With our PVC adhesive or dinghy repair kits, small damage can be quickly patched up.

Care for your dinghy

- Repair material, adhesives and paint for inflatable boats -

Cleaning your dinghy

After use, you should clean your inflatable boat and its equipment. Sand and salt water residues can damage the material of your rubber dinghy and should be removed with fresh water. Stubborn dirt can be removed with special cleaning agents for inflatable boats. These inflatable boat cleaning products are specially formulated for use with inflatable boat materials and do not corrode them. Detergents, preservatives and waxes that contain alcohol, vinyl or silicone must not be used to clean inflatable boats, as they can damage or dry out the material of the inflatable boat.

Caring for inflatable boats

The PVC used to make inflatable boats can become brittle over time and the colour can fade. This is mainly due to UV radiation. Special inflatable boat care products prevent the boat from becoming brittle and protect inflatable boats against UV rays. As a result, the life of your dinghy is extended and it will give it a much nicer appearance. When not in use, inflatable boats should still be protected from permanent UV radiation and stored at less than 15°C.

Repairing dinghies

1. Locate the hole in the dinghy

To repair your inflatable boat, first find the area where the hole or crack is located. Partially inflate the dinghy until it is half full. Apply light pressure to the sides of the dinghy and see if you can identify where any air is escaping. If you can't see the hole, fill a spray bottle with water and some washing-up liquid and spray it onto the tube. The detergent will cause slight bubbles to form where the hole is located.

2. Dinghy repair kit

Now take your dinghy repair kit. Cut the repair patches inside to size. The dinghy repair patch should be a few inches wider than the hole. For small cracks, cuts and holes from 1 mm up to approx. 12 mm, a round patch of at least 75 mm diameter is recommended.

3. Patching up your dinghy properly

When you have found the hole and cut the patches of the repair kit to size, it is time to repair the rubber boat. The surface of the inflatable boat must be dry and free of dust and grease. To patch up the hole in the dinghy, slightly roughen the surface around the hole with some sandpaper. This makes the adhesive stick better. Apply 3 fine, even layers of adhesive to the surface of the dinghy and to the patch at 5 minute intervals. After the third layer, wait 10 to 15 minutes before applying the patch. Press it down firmly, using a roller or similar tool. After applying the patch, wait at least 24 hours, or preferably 48 hours, before fully inflating the dinghy again to ensure that the adhesive has fully set.

4. Larger damage to the dinghy

Contact our customer service if your dinghy has suffered major damage, such as defective seams, damage to the chamber partitions, stern transom or trimmings.

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