Wiper Motors

W12 heavy-duty wiper motor
Product image of ROCA W12 heavy-duty wiper motor
ROCA W12 heavy-duty wiper motor
99.95 EUR €115.89 from €99.95
W25 Wiper Motor
Product image of ROCA W25 Wiper Motor
ROCA W25 Wiper Motor
229.95 EUR from €229.95
Wiper Motor W38
Product image of ROCA Wiper Motor W38
ROCA Wiper Motor W38
299.95 EUR from €299.95
W50 Wiper Motor
Product image of ROCA W50 Wiper Motor
Electric Wiper Set
Product image of ROCA Electric Wiper Set
ROCA Electric Wiper Set
72.95 EUR €97.90 from €72.95
Electric Windshield Wiper Motor Set
Product image of Electric Windshield Wiper Motor Set
Handheld Windshield Wiper
Product image of TALAMEX Handheld Windshield Wiper
Windshield Washer System 12V
Product image of Windshield Washer System 12V

Wiper Motors

Among the various wiper arms that we offer, you can find a suitable model for almost every window with the optimum wiping field. Our wiper arms are made out of stainless steel with black coating. We do not stock polished stainless steel arms, due to the possible risk of glare.

We offer 3 types of wipers:
  •  The standard wiper arm
  •  The wiper arm with joint, which is ideal for side windows and wherever space is limited due to the engine
  •  The parallel wiper arm, which is ideal for windshields and generally provides the optimum wiping field

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