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Lewmar has been developing innovative and reliable marine products since 1946, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free time on the water. With its extensive range of anchors and windlasses, hatches & portlights, winches and hardware, Lewmar offers complete solutions for small charter boats and mega yachts alike. Production takes place in their own production facilities in the UK, forming the basis for the high quality standard of all Lewmar products.
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Antal - Made in Italy. Since 1977, Antal has been developing and producing high quality deck hardware products, such as: self-tailing winches, halyard winches, blocks and traveller systems. The complete design and manufacturing processes of Antal products takes place in Padova, Italy. This is done in order to maintain full control over the brand's high quality standards, as well as to ensure a high degree of safety on board. Antal is the ideal brand for your sailboat! The Italian fascination with sailing and water sports can be found in every piece of Antal technology.  
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Simply perfect inside and out. Andersen sailboat winches are a reflection of exceptional functionality and quality. For over 60 years, Andersen has been constantly striving to meet its customers' demands, while continuing to develop new technological standards. To date, Andersen stands for design, reliability, durability and perfection.
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HARKEN - high quality materials for top equipment. Fifty years ago in a backyard garage: two brothers opened a shop selling ball bearing blocks, which only really took off when a friendly distributor included their in-house manufactured blocks in his mail order catalog and sold these under the brand Harken. Today, HARKEN, with offices in 48 countries, is one of the leading manufacturers of boat hardware and accessories.
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G-Nautics - Sophisticated sailing accessories. Gluing instead of drilling! The practical organizing aids by G-Nautics create order on deck. Boat owners can rejoice, unsightly drill holes are a thing of the past thanks to Velcro attachments. G-Nautics is part of the Dutch company Nautics Europe BV and started for the first time in the summer of 2004 with a collection of practical accessories for watersports enthusiasts. From the beginning, G-Nautics has relied on attractive design and durable, seaworthy materials. Depending on the product, acrylic canvas is processed with a water-repellent, UV-resistant surface or waterproof tarpaulin PVC. Stow your halyards and sheets, winch cranks and your personal belongings with the help of G-Nautics and everything is in order.
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Winches are indispensable tools on sailing ships. When a sail's surface area is too large, it can no longer be hauled in unassisted. Winches are the perfect remedy to this. By using them on board, you can obtain a far greater degree of performance and power. Learn more about Winches & Accessories...
Winches & Accessories

One places several parts of the line through the winch drum and then rotates the same by means of the winch handle. Winches and winch handles are available in different sizes. Which size of winch / winch handle is suitable depends on the sail area that is to be controlled.

How should the winch be dimensioned?
For example: a foresail with a surface area of 30 m² should be attached to a winch head and be between 29-33 ft in size. A mainsail with the same surface area should be between 27 and 29 ft. in size. Larger winches are always a tangible option.

Which types of winches are common?
Standard winches consist of a simple drum; the line has to be led by hand in order for it not to slip off. Self-tailing winches are incredibly easy to use in any case. They have an extra line clutch that is mounted on the drum. This makes it no longer necessary to hold the line by hand, and you can crank the winch with both hands. Electric winches are powered with an electric motor, which can be started by means of an external switch. Advantage: The motor takes care of the brute work. However, one needs to pay special attention to how long the winch is running, otherwise there is a risk of breaking. As an upgrade for manual winches, special electric retrofit kits are available. On large ships with very large sails, hydraulic winches are mainly used.

Various materials for winch drums 
On dinghies and small boats, drums are often made out of fiberglass-reinforced plastics. High quality drums are made out of seawater-resistant aluminum. These are chrome-plated or anodized. Moreover, there are also drums made out of bronze, which are either left in their natural state or are chrome-plated. Regardless of the drum's material, its mechanical parts are made up of various other components. Thus, components such as stainless steel axles, bronze and stainless steel gears, and ball bearings are all found inside of winches. We carry products from many renowned winch manufacturers, such as those from: Lewmar, Antal, Andersen and Harken.  

A rule of thumb for winches: the longer the arm of the handle, the more power can be applied. But beware: If the handle is too long, it may hit the sprayhood and not be able to continue to work effectively.

Maintenance: To care for your winch, it must be regularly greased with special winch grease. Prior to application, remove all of the old grease residue. The grease protects aluminum from corrosion where it might react with other metals. Therefore, all stainless steel screws, stainless steel washers, etc. should be greased.

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