Cooling Units

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Evaporator Thermostat 077B01616
Product image of DOMETIC Evaporator Thermostat 077B01616
VD-01 L-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-01 L-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-01 L-Evaporator
119.95 EUR €139.00 only €119.95
VD-04 L-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-04 L-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-04 L-Evaporator
119.95 EUR €175.00 only €119.95
VD-02 Flat-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-02 Flat-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-02 Flat-Evaporator
119.95 EUR €139.00 only €119.95
VD-05/VD-18 Flat-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-05/VD-18 Flat-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-05/VD-18 Flat-Evaporator
139.95 EUR €159.00 from €139.95
VD-21 Flat-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-21 Flat-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-21 Flat-Evaporator
198.95 EUR €225.01 only €198.95
VD-07 O-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-07 O-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-07 O-Evaporator
119.95 EUR €149.00 only €119.95
VD-03 Lamellar-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-03 Lamellar-Evaporator
VD-08 Angle-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-08 Angle-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-08 Angle-Evaporator
209.95 EUR €249.00 only €209.95
VD-09 Box-Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-09 Box-Evaporator
DOMETIC VD-09 Box-Evaporator
179.95 EUR €205.00 only €179.95
VD-15 Circulating Air Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-15 Circulating Air Evaporator
VD-14 Air Recirculation Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-14 Air Recirculation Evaporator
VD-16 Deep-Freeze Evaporator
Product image of DOMETIC VD-16 Deep-Freeze Evaporator

Cooling Units

The SP-unit is cooled directly by surrounding water. Because neither a fan or a pump is needed in order to remove the heat generated by the compressor, much less power is consumed and it remains remarkably quiet. It uses the natural pumping action that takes place from the SP-thru-hull to the sink in the pantry.

ASU system
The Isotherm ASU system allows maximum cooling with minimum load on the batteries. It senses when surplus power from the engine alternator is available and increases the speed of the compressor, so that the cooling unit is cooled down quickly.

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