Boat Shoe Care

The life and function of your boat shoes can be prolonged by proper care and cleaning. Find a range of shoe care products for your sailing shoes at SVB. Buy affordable shoe care products now and enjoy your favourite sailing shoes for longer!

Shoe Care

- How to care for your boat shoes -

How do I protect my boat shoes?

With the right care, your precious sailing shoes will last for a long time. Find the perfect care products for your boat shoes in the SVB online shop! To care for your boat shoes effectively, first remove dirt and salt water marks with clean fresh water. This is best done with a normal shoe brush or sponge. Then let your boat shoe dry off on deck, in the sun. When the shoe has dired off somewhat, we advise lining with newspaper and leaving it to dry completely overnight. This will help remove moisture from inside the shoe. Be careful not to push too much paper inside and disform the shoe though. Once completely dry, you can begin the care treatment. Please follow the manufacturer's care instructions, as not every material responds well to every care product. In general, however, smooth leather boat shoes tend to respond well to a neutral-coloured shoe polish. Apply a thin layer to the shoe with a cloth or sponge. Then polish with a leather cloth to make the shoe shine.

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Boat shoe care hints and tips

People often have neither shoe polish nor a leather cloth for polishing boat shoes on board. Our SVB specialists know a few helpful hints and tips to get your shoes clean using items you may have on board:

How can I make my leather shoes shine without polish?
Easy! With the inside of a banana peel! You can also use oily face creams, milk and yoghurt to make your boat shoes look like new.

What is the best way to remove salt water marks from my boat shoes?
That's also pretty simple. Just rub them clean with a piece of lemon or potato.

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