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Whether classic or sporty - shop for your ideal shoes at SVB! No matter the weather while traveling with your boat, the right boat shoe ensures secure footing on deck and dry and warm feet. In your SVB online store, you can choose between different technical boat shoes. Buy your deck shoes conveniently online and at a great price! Find the right boat shoes with our boat shoe guide.

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TBS is a French company focusing on high quality standards and modern designs. Located in the Loire valley, near the Atlantic Ocean, the brand is heavily influenced by its maritime surroundings, which is reflected in the TBS collections. TBS shoes are very comfortable, made from high quality materials, with modern and original designs. Excellent value for the money!
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SEBAGO Boat Shoes - Worn by sailors everywhere. The company SEBAGO was founded in the USA in 1946 to meet the demands of high quality casual shoes for the emerging New England lifestyle.
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The european comfort shoe - ROMIKA can look back on an eventful history that began in 1921 in Trier with the founding of Romika AG. The 3 former founders took the respective 2 initial letters of their surnames and came up with the brand name ROMIKA. What began with the production of rubber boots and slippers developed into an expanding company over the years that has been producing modern and high-quality sports and leisure shoes since the 1960s.
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Natural World is a young brand that was born with the goal of creating a 100% ecological shoe. The essence of the brand is the love for nature and authenticity, blending trends with ecological philosophy. From their offices, located in Arnedo (La Rioja), they work to improve the world in which we live one shoe at a time.
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Well made in Italy! LIZARD has developed into a true specialist in the field of Power Grip Footwear. LIZARD is still one of the few Italian brands that can boast production at its factory in Italy. Producing in Italy with Italian components means reducing the environmental impact and maintaining true Italian craftsmanship, which is universally recognized for quality, comfort, style and unique design.  
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Boat Shoes and Sailing Boots

What makes a real boating shoe?

- This is what you should watch out for -

Boating and sailing shoes are no longer just popular amongst sailors. Nowadays, the big shoe brands also carry boat shoes in their product range. Although these shoes only have to be roadworthy, original boat shoes for active sailors come with lots more features: A sailing shoe must be highly water repellent, resistant to seawater and provide a perfect grip even on a steep slope and wet deck. Moreover the sole has to be designed in such a manner that stones cannot get stuck and no marks are left on the sensitive boat deck.

deck shoe needs to fit well and come with a sole that carries as little dirt as possible on deck. Whether the classic shoe in leather, the deck shoe made of nylon with a waterproof membrane, the leather/nylon sailing boots or rubber boots with short or long shaft, the right boat shoe is easy to find. Modern boat shoes made of breathable materials are not only light and well insulated but also ensure a comfortable foot climate, without getting your feet wet.

As a sailor's tradition, shoes with seawater resistant leather and a slip- and abrasion-resistant sole have stood the test of time. They are extremely comfortable, which is certainly one reason why they are still among the most worn boat shoes, and not only on board. Newer shoes made of breathable materials or sailing boots are waterproof and usually more lightweight. For open seas, especially in colder regions, sailing boots are very suitable. Sailing boots made of leather in combination with breathable materials not only keep your feet warm but also dry.  

The shoe: outer and interior material

The outer material, the shaft, the interior and the laces of a classic deck shoe are made out of leather. More and more sailing shoe manufacturers not only use leather, but also special textiles and membranes such as Gore-Tex in order to increase breathability and wearability of the modern boat shoe.
However, SVB's water sports experts recommend pure leather shoes with greater activity on board, because leather as a shoe material prevents bad odors and sweaty feet. Even though blisters can occur when breaking in a new pair of leather shoes, the pain is worth it - the shoe will turn soft and whether during summer or wet fall days will keep your feet feeling comfortable. Good boat shoes have to be manufactured in such a fashion that they are seawater-resistant, which means for example that the eyelets should not rust. 

The boat shoe sole - an original!

The sole of a technical yachting shoe is very special. The sole of a true boat shoes is made of very flexible rubber or natural rubber. With the right sole, a deck shoe is skid-proof, has a good grip, bounces your steps, repells water and is of course waterproof. 
Over 70 years ago, the passionate sailor Paul Sperry invented the innovative and still widely used soles with a siping pattern. Due to its fine grooves, this particular sole profile is perfect for repelling water, preventing slipping and not attracting small pebble stones that could scratch the deck.
Until recently, the sole of a boat shoe had to consist of white rubber, since it was believed that dark soles leave marks on the deck. These fears have subsided somewhat due to substantial progress in the area of technical boat shoes over the years. Today, yachting and boat shoes come with colorful soles, which do not rub off due to their high quality rubber, even in blue or black colors. However, this only applies to top quality, technical boat shoes - fashionable boat shoes that are sold by outside retailers might not have the same quality standards.
SVB expert tip: break in your shoes a few days prior to wearing them on deck. Factory new shoes can still be very slippery due to wax residues from the production process. You should always walk off any residues. 

Fit and shoe size of boat shoes 

Shoes of different manufacturers and brands often vary in size. If you are between two sizes, we always recommend choosing the larger size; this way your shoes will fit comfortably even with thick socks. In addition, boat shoe manufacturers from different countries use different size designations. Among others, there are European, English and American sizes.

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