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Cold and wet feet when sailing? Then you haven't tried our sailing boots yet! A good pair of functional boots should be waterproof, slip-resistant and breathable, all possible thanks to materials such as Gore-Tex© and Compatex© and technical membranes. Different models of sailing boot are more or less appropriate ,depending on the kind of sailing you are doing - a higher boot is better for rougher seas, for example. But also the right pair of technical socks shouldn't be neglected. Here you'll find the right pair of sea boots that are sure to make your next cruise a success! Learn more about Sailing Boots...

Boots that are made for sailing

- Dry feet in bad weather -

There's almost nothing worse than cold, wet feet. This is as true in sailing as in any other sport. For this reason, sailing boots must meet exactly the same standards as all sailing clothing. A good pair of functional boots should not only be waterproof, but also slip-resistant and breathable. That's why sailing boots have long been made with functional materials such as Gore-Tex© and Compatex© and technical membranes.

Here, too, there are different cuts and models. Sailing boots with a high leg, for example, are particularly suitable for high sea sailing. Shorter boots or neoprene boots are also suitable for small boats and are not bulky. Here too, you should always make sure you have the right socks. Cotton tends to retain moisture and not release it, so it's better to wear socks that are made of fleece or even merino or new wool. With the right combination of sea boot and technical sock, your feet will stay warm and dry.

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