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SEATEC HAPPY OCEAN BAG - 100% goes to "The Ocean Cleanup Project"
Reusable, not disposable - cotton bags, not plastic waste! With the Happy Ocean Bag, the special mail order company for yacht and boat accessories supports the ambitious Ocean Cleanup Project of Boyan Slat from the Netherlands, who wants to clean the world's oceans of plastic waste with his self-constructed floating filters. The bag is available from SVB, 100 percent of the proceeds go to the project. More information about Boyan's project can be found on the official website: and the German Facebook Community:

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Dorothee S. on 23.11.2020

always great service and fast delivery very happy to purchase again

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Arndt N. on 23.11.2020

I am very impressed by the rapid delivery

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ALEKSANDAR N. on 17.11.2020