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Product image of NAVIONICS Navionics+ Electronic Nautical Charts
NAVIONICS Navionics+ Electronic Nautical Charts
"We have not used the card yet."
Product image of C-MAP Europe Inland Waters MW6
C-MAP Europe Inland Waters MW6
"The card has poor coverage of the German inland waterways. The maps worked well until we reached Lübeck, comming from the Baltic sea. However no information about Elbe-Lübeck, Elbe-Seiten, Mitteland, Dortmund-Ems and Wesel-Datteln kanals were shown. Only when we came a couple of kilometers from the Rhein the card started to show information again. It included maps for the Rhein and the Maas at least up to Roermond were we put the boat up for the winter."
Product image of C-MAP MAX-N Baltic Sea and Denmark WN85
C-MAP MAX-N Baltic Sea and Denmark WN85
"Just what I expected"
Product image of C-MAP MAX charts LOCAL
"Hi i receive the order today. All ok.Thank you for your kind attention."
Product image of C-MAP FULL 4D charts WIDE
"Excellent! Thanks."
Product image of C-MAP MAX-N+ charts LOCAL
"Product is simple so; no discussion about satisfaction. But my critisim is on your delivery policy. I have ordered this product to be delivered to out of EU. Therefore before approving the order, you submited a secondary information with cost of delivery And time following your communications with UPS. UPS is a well known worldwide, well experienced company. They should have warned you and me on additional duty and time for customs clearance. I have paid additional 25 Euro. If I knew it at the beginning my puchase decision might be different."
Product image of GARMIN BlueChart G3 EU015R Aegean & Marmara Sea
GARMIN BlueChart G3 EU015R Aegean & Marmara Sea
"Limited area vs competition"
Product image of GARMIN BlueChart G3 EU065R Baltic Sea and Baltic Coast
GARMIN BlueChart G3 EU065R Baltic Sea and Baltic Coast
"All its ok"
Product image of NAVIONICS Platinum Plus XL3 - 16P+ / South Baltic
NAVIONICS Platinum Plus XL3 - 16P+ / South Baltic
"Хорошая цена Быстрая доставка"

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Logo C-MAP
Over the past 30 years, more than one million navigators all over the world have put their trust into C-MAP electronic charts. C-MAP vector-based charts offer unrivaled navigational details and work with many different brands of chartplotters. For many years, SVB has been one of C-MAP's strongest partners. Every single chart is programmed, updated or upgraded in-house by our professionals. This is our exclusive service for you, thus a quick service is guaranteed.
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Logo Navionics
Navionics kicks off where the road ends. In 1984, Navionics launched the first electronic chart device “Geonav” and released it on the market. Today, everyone is familiar with the technique of electronic navigation. Meanwhile, the company is among the top of nautical cartography products.
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Logo Garmin
Garmin was founded in 1989, and is among the world's leading companies in the development of mobile navigation technology. The company has successfully become one of the leading companies within the marine sector with their wide range of nautical navigational devices and cartography solutions.
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The publishing house Delius-Klasing, founded in 1911 in Berlin with 4 locations today, specializes in topics concerning all areas of sports. 1,100 available book titles, more than 40 calendars as well as sport boat charts in printed and digital versions are part of the extensive range of this traditional company.
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NV stands for "Nautical Publications" and is the name of the largest German publisher of nautical charts with its headquarters in Eckernförde. Founded in 1979 in Hamburg, they are the largest private nautical chart manufacturer in the world. They carry charts for the Baltic and North Sea, the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the U.S. East Coast. The nautical charts are available as paper or digitized versions. The regions are re-measured every year, specific information regarding the respective areas is updated on the charts for sailors and yachtsmen.
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Choosing an electronic chart can sometimes be difficult. Our online shop features electronic charts from C-MAP, Navionics, Garmin, Delius-Klasing and NV-Verlag. As well as the area you want the chart to represent, the electronic chart must also be compatible with your chartplotter. To be able to use an electronic chart with a chartplotter, not only must the memory card type be compatible (Compact Flash, Micro SD, SD, C-Card Black or Orange), but also the chart's software. We recommend our chart finder to help you select the right electronic chart without any headaches. To chart finder >>

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Monte P. on 16.09.2020

Fast delivery...3 days no extra charge.

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Gary D. on 16.09.2020

Cheapest and quickest delivery

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ANITTA N. on 15.09.2020

The product was great, which I had been looking for for a long time and delivery to the door fast

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