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The right cables are required to connect electrical devices to power, to each other, and to obtain a functional on-board electrical system. Whether installation cable or coaxial cable, in our online shop you will find a large selection of high-quality cables for your boat. Buy the right cables and wire your electrical devices correctly and enjoy power on board! Learn more about Cable...

Cable for Boats

- The correct cable width is essential -

In order to keep voltage drop in cables as low as possible and to avoid over heating, you should carefully investigate the required cable cross-sections. The voltage drop (loss) between power sources and consumers must not exceed certain values.

The maximum permissible voltage loss of navigation lights is 5%, which is 0.60 V for a 12 V vehicle electrical system. For other consumers, the voltage loss is 7%, which corresponds to 0.84 V for a 12 V vehicle electrical system.

The required conductor cross-section, wherein the permissible voltage drop (V) is not exceeded, is calculated as follows: Since the current is multi-directional and it has 2 cores, the conductor length is twice as large as the cable length (the distance between the consumer and battery). The constant 56 = conductivity of copper.

At SVB you can have cables made to measure. Let us help you realise your vision. We are happy to help!

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Caoimhín O. on 01.02.2023

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It was surprised how quickly all three items I ordered arrived at my door.

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I would order from SVB again