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SIMRAD Yachting is one of the largest marine electronics companies. The brand's name comes from Robertson, Simonsen Radio and Shipmate. Their story began after the second world war - when the first VHF radios were produced, today the product range has extended to autopilots and chart plotters. The fastest racing boats in the world are equipped with SIMRAD products.

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NSX™ – Your user-friendly and intelligent chartplotter with fish finder

The intelligent and fully customisable NSX™ from SIMRAD is the chartplotter upgrade for boats of all sizes. With C-MAP® support for safe and reliable navigation and full sonar, radar and autopilot systems compatibility. Drag and drop to organise your navigation display and a fully customisable dashboard. Find the right course always, with reliable navigation data and enhanced day and night modes. The NSX™ range from SIMRAD is an excellent choice for all those seeking a modern, powerful and extremely user-friendly navigation solution.

NSX™ series

The success story began in 1946, when Thor Leif Robertson started to refit VHF systems for fishing boats. Soon after, SIMRAD was able to produce transceivers, radio compasses and course calculators. Another landmark was the AP100 autopilot, which is still considered to be the forerunner of today's sophisticated autopilots. SIMRAD still operates on the same simple philosophy: First, understand the needs of the customer and then pass on their own experience and technology to them. Alongside tradition and experience, SIMRAD offers the best and most innovative systems on the market today. Intelligent solutions for any vessel SIMRAD Yachting offers a large range of products – whether it’s VHF radio systems, autopilots, instruments, plotters or echosounders, they have exactly what you need. Both sailing and motor yachts are compatible with SIMRAD products.

The SIMRAD TP10 Autopilot is storm-tested, exceptionally powerful and extremely reliable in any situation. The device's ability to self-steer while sailing provides a high degree of comfort. For larger vessels, the TP22 (up to 11m in length) and the TP32 (up to 12m in length) are the best solutions. With SIMRAD VHF radios, you are always up to date in terms of technology. VHF systems, such as the RS35 have a built-in dual-channel AIS receiver. The HS35 is the ideal complement for free movement on board. The RS35 is also designed for heavy traffic areas and ports – for optimal and reliable on-board safety. All SIMRAD VHF units are compact and waterproof.SIMRAD has designed their entire range of electronic equipment to complement all types of vessels. The NSS and NSE series have put SIMRAD far ahead in terms of navigational electronics. The NSS evo2 series is a newcomer to the market. The series has combined design and state-of-art technology together into one multifunction device. Displays such as the IS40 and IS20 are also available, which show the user key data, such as: depth, boat speed, wind speed and much more.