Simrad HALO Radar

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The Simrad HALO24 pulse compression radar is the first radar antenna to operate at 60 rpm. This allows the radar image to be displayed almost in real time. In addition to the advanced pulse compression technology, the 24-inch radar antenna features a range of up to 48 nautical miles.

Simrad HALO24 Pulse Compression Radar

- Monitor near and far -

The Simrad HALO Radar was specially designed for pleasure boating and is the world's first semi-conductor radar with pulse compression technology. With a range of 48 (HALO-3) or 64 (HALO-4) nautical miles and dual-range operation, the Simrad HALO radar features the latest radar technology.

The HALO-3 and HALO-4's dual-range function enables simultaneous detailed monitoring of near and far areas on a split screen. This allows you to monitor distant weather cells and the traffic ahead of you, for example. 

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Marine P. on 05.12.2022

Sein mehrere Jahren verwende Ich MICRON 350. Das ist der beste Antifouling was auf dem Welt gibt. Das Boot ist vor eon paar Jahre mit dem System behandelt und jestz sind nur kleine Kosmetikarbeiten zu machen - mehr nichts. Jede Bootseigner könnte dieser Produkt ohne bedenken zu nutzen

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ENGIN O. on 02.12.2022

Fast and reliable service with good communication via emails and fast delivery in just 2 days. Thank you!

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Ivan L. on 29.11.2022

good service