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Raymarine - The Marine Specialists. With over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of electronics for pleasure boats, expecially of marine navigation systems and autopilots, Raymarine produces innovative technologies combined with elegant design.

Unbelievable user-friendliness, robust design
and data you can always rely on.

Raymarine products are more than just boating accessories; they play an important role in the lives of people who are passionate about the sea. Every day on the water is an emotional journey that reminds us how important it is to have dependable products on board. Raymarine creates cutting-edge technology to help us realise our dreams and live our adventures at sea, even in the harshest conditions. Raymarine products are trusted by everyone from sailors to fishermen.

At SVB you can not only find RAYMARINE multifunction displays in different sizes and various series but also the newest digital radar antennas or the equipment and spare parts for all RAYMARINE devices. To ensure that all Raymarine devices work reliably and accurately even under adverse environmental conditions they are tested under toughest conditions in RAYMARINE's own test laboratory. All devices are shaken, flooded and exposed to extreme heat and cold. Only when a tested device corresponds to the high standards of Raymarine they are also suitable for the high demands of users.The team of SVB is happy to help you with all raymarine inquiries.