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Radar units and radar antennas ensure safe collision avoidance. Radars are still considered as probably one of the safest collision avoidance technologies to have on board. And even though we at SVB actively encourage the use of Class B AIS in the water sports sector and help develop new systems, we still recommend a radar for your safety on board.

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B&G Radar

- For your safety on board -

Pulse compression radars in comparison

HALO 20 HALO 20+ HALO 24
Max. Range 24 nm 36 nm 48 nm
Rotation 24 rpm 20-60 rpm 20-60 rpm
DualRange No Yes Yes
Velocity Track (target colouring) No Yes Yes
Beam Sharpening No Yes Yes
Sector Blanking Yes Yes Yes
LED lighting No Yes Yes
MARPA targets Yes 10 Yes (20) Yes (20)

Radar technology 

Learn more about radar technologies such as the current Doppler, Broadband and Quantum radar antennas and practical examples in our video.

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ENGIN O. on 02.12.2022

Fast and reliable service with good communication via emails and fast delivery in just 2 days. Thank you!

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Ivan L. on 29.11.2022

good service

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Pekka S. on 29.11.2022

Exelent fast. Good emails with svb staf for selecting the rudder indicator and display.