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When repainting your boat, not only is it essential to have good preparation and professional tools, but also high-quality enamel paint. Our online shop has enamels and paints for boats of various materials. Whether you are looking for boat paint for wood or steel, painting your GRP boat or want to give your aluminium-hull yacht a new appearance - we have the right enamel paint for your top coat. Learn more about Boat Enamel Paint...

Painting the boat yourself

- Which boat paint to choose? -

Top coats are divided into one-component and two-component enamels. 1-component boat paint is cheaper and easier to apply, but must be reapplied more frequently due to its consistency. 2-component boat paint consists of a base coat and a hardener. These components must be mixed before use. Two-component paints are much more durable and keep their gloss for 6-8 years, which is better than one-component products (approx. 2-4 years).

1-component marine paint or 2-component?

Never apply 2-component boat paint to 1-component paint! If you are not sure what type of marine paint is on your hull, we recommend soaking a small cloth with 2K thinner and placing it on the hull somewhere out of sight. After a few minutes, check carefully whether the paint can be easily removed (e.g. with a spatula or a pocket knife). If so, one-component paint has been used. Make sure you only use 1-K marine paint again!

Repainting the gelcoat

If you are going to apply boat paint directly to the gelcoat, a 2-component coat is recommended due to its hardness. A compatible 2-component primer should first be used. If it is not a new boat, be sure to remove any unevenness before applying the varnish.

Refreshing and touch ups

If your existing boat paint is still intact and only needs to be refreshed, you can simply reapply with another coat. It is essential to repair deep scratches and damage beforehand in order to obtain an even coat of paint. The old layer should be lightly sanded for better results.

Cracked and flaking boat paint

If the old boat paint can no longer be used, it must be completely removed. The best way to do this is to use a hot air gun and scraper. Start painting again from your boat's gelcoat.

Applying paint correctly - brush or roller?

Corners, edges and small parts should first be painted with a brush. Large areas are easiest to paint with a roller. When applying boat paint, always work horizontally with the roller in order to reduce the risk of dripping and to achieve better coverage. Be careful with 2-component varnishes: Never use foam rollers!

Number of coats and dealing with defects

Between 1 and 3 coats should normally be applied, depending on the type of boat varnish. Use enough paint so that it covers well, but not so much that it starts to run. Before each coat, slightly roughen the dried paint to ensure better adhesion of the next coat. Small paint defects and drips can be corrected if necessary.

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