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Lossless Charging Distributors

Find out about the different ways to isolate your on-board charging system. We have lossless charging distributors from Victron and Quick, isolation diodes, automatic charging relays and battery switches. Find out why they are needed and what advantages the various options have. Learn more about Battery Isolators / Charging Distributors...

Isolation Diodes & Charging Distributors

- Isolate your on-board charging system -

Why isolate the charging system on boats?

Many on-board installations comprise two or more battery groups, such as starter battery, supply battery and/or batteries for bow thrusters and navigation equipment. In such installations, it is important that these individual battery groups do not interfere with each other and are appropriately isolated. This, of course, means that the charging system must also be isolated. However, this makes the charging process more complicated, as either the alternator, the generator or the charger has to recharge the batteries one by one. 

What is important when choosing isolating diodes & charging relays?

When choosing isolating diodes/relays, always keep in mind the maximum possible charging current. For example, if your alternator has 50-70 amps output, a 70 amp isolating diode will be enough.

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