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Fenders, Buoys and Accessories


F0-F2A Quality Long Fender / white
High-quality long fender / white
F0-F2A Quality Long Fender / blue
High-quality long fender / blue
F0-F2A Quality Long Fender / black
Fender F-Series / White
Fender F-Series / blue
Fender, F-Series / black
Fender Mat, black
OCEAN PVM1 Fender / white
OCEAN PVM1 Fender / navy
OCEAN BLADE Bow Fender / white
OCEAN BLADE Bow Fender / navy
OCEAN MATCH 60 Stern Fender / white
OCEAN MATCH 80 Stern Fender / white
PVC-Ring Fender, inflatable / white
PVC-Ring Fender, inflatable / black
Ring Fender, PVC, inflatable / blue
Stair Fender / 3 Steps
SPHERA Stainless Steel Gunwhale Guards

Buoys & Round Fenders

Contact or mooring buoys provide the possibility to moor the boat outside the harbor.
Already used by boat clubs in many countries and permanently installed, they are ideal for bays, tidal waters and mooring fields in the harbor basin. The round buoy is held with an anchor or weight on the bottom and the is then moored firmly to the mooring buoy.
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POLYFORM Ball Fender A-Series / blue
Ball Fender A-Series
Mooring Buoy C-Series
Mooring Iron with Swivel
Floating Body
1.80 EUR In stock from €1.80
Solar Mooring Buoy
159.95 EUR In stock from €159.95
Mooring Buoy
9.95 EUR In stock from €9.95

Fender Accessories

Fender Line 1.90 m / black
Fender Line 1.90 m / navy
Fender Line 1.90 m / blue
Fender Line 1.90 m / white
Stainless Steel Fender Rack, 2-section
Stainless Steel Fender Basket, straight / 3-sections
Fender Rack Stainless Steel, inclined, 2-section
Stainless Steel Fender Basket, diagonal / 3-sections
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Fender Covers for Long Fenders
Ball Fender Cover
Ball Fender Cover
Fender Cover, one size fits all
Fender Sock / 5 m
Fender Hook, chrome plated brass
Fender Line Holder
Fender Eye / brass chrome plated
Fender Pump for Polyform Fenders
FENDER FRESH Fender Cleaner

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