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For a clear, long-range view of your surroundings at night and in low visibility conditions, install an LED boat spotlight as an additional light source on board and identify other vessels, obstacles or sea markers more easily. At SVB you can buy an LED boat searchlight. You can find a range of LED searchlights for fixed installation from brands such as OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES, or a hand-held searchlight from HELLA MARINE.

What are the advantages of LED boat spotlights compared to conventional lights?

Why LEDs are the best choice

An LED spotlight has considerable advantages compared to other light sources such as halogen and xenon. LEDs are extremely efficient as a result of their high light output combined with low heat emission and feature an impressively long operating life. Despite very low energy consumption, LED searchlights deliver high-contrast light with excellent light output. And since these LED spotlights consume very little power, they have a minimal strain on your on-board power supply, providing uniform lighting in the harshest of conditions without voltage fluctuations. Before installing your LED searchlight, you should first check whether you need a 12V or 24V version.

WIth greater range and increased brightness, LED marine searchlights offer far more advantages than conventional spots. They are also built to last and feature a sturdy and robust construction that ensures optimal impact resistance, while also offering excellent resistance to harsh external conditions thanks to a marine-grade finish that is also dust- and waterproof. If you are looking for an accessory to go with your LED spotlight, such as a remote or extra cable, take a look at our accessories for boat searchlights and spotlights.

For greater safety on board 

LED boat spotlights are a practical addition to your existing navigation lights, making a significant contribution to increasing the safety of your boat and crew. Using an additional light source makes it easier to navigate your vessel at night, at dusk, in poor visibility due to bad weather conditions, or in an unclear stretch of water. Enhance your orientation from afar and identify other vessels nearby much easier, acquire improved obstacle awareness, see markers or hayards well before it's too late. An LED marine spotlight is also a useful addition to your radar in helping identify fixed and floating signals. Helmsmen will be given more time to plan and prepare for next manoeuvres. For example, when arriving late at an anchorage or in an unfamiliar harbour, the LED spotlights allow your crew to illuminate the boat and the surrounding area to ensure safe mooring. Once you have arrived, you can use your LED underwater lighting to highlight your yacht to other boats and, as an added bonus, bathe it in an impressive blaze of colour.

In a man-overboard situation, LED searchlights will better illuminate the boat and the water surface. Due to the long range and the high brightness of LEDs, searchlights have become an indispensable tool for rescuing people who have gone overboard as quickly as possible. Furthermore, since searchlights can be swivelled horizontally and vertically, they provide an increased cone of light. Moreover, LED deck lighting is a useful addition to your searchlight to increase visibility at close range and make working on deck easier.

Additional deck and underwater lighting and accessories.

Boat lovers who enjoy sailing at night will appreciate the usefulness of a deck light that combines a searchlight with LED deck lighting. See better at close and long range and work in full brightness on deck as well as being able to navigate in the dark.

Want to light up your vessel in full when at anchor or in the harbour? Then LED underwater lighting is just the thing for you. Not only do they make your boat look great, the also increase its visibility to other vessels.

You will find suitable accessories for boat spotlights & searchlights to control your searchlight from a distance, extension cables for mounting your LED boat spotlight or an optional mounting base for your hand-held searchlight in our SVB online shop.

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