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Power: 5 HP
Compact 5 hp outboards offer outstanding manoeuvrability and are perfect for leisure skippers. Our range of powerful 5hp outboards are ideal for boaters looking for a licence-free boating solution. Can't wait to buy a 5 HP outboard? We have a selection of 5 HP outboard motors in our online shop. In our SVB online shop you will find motors from the most popular brands such as HONDA, MERCURY and SUZUKI, ruggedness and top performance guaranteed. Learn more about 5 HP Outboards...

How fast is a 5 hp outboard? 

Our powerful 5 hp outboard motors are great for water sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy life on the water but don't have a boating licence. 

They can reach maximum speeds of up to 25 km/h, depending on the type of boat and the conditions. Leisurely cruising can be done at 5-10 km/h. Top speeds of 25 km/h can be achieved with perfect conditions. 

A 5 hp outboard is perfect for short-range cruising and leisurely tours. Their compact design and reliability make 5 hp outboards a great companion for your next pleasure cruise. 

If you are new to the sport and have questions about how to start, refuel and transport your outboard properly, make sure you take a look at our guide on this topic. We'll help bring you up to speed!

How much does a 5 HP motor consume?

If you are looking for an outboard motor with enough power but at the same time low fuel consumption, then a 5 hp outboard will certainly meet your requirements. Compared to more powerful engines, this motor scores with lower fuel consumption. At slow speeds, 5 hp outboard motors consume on average between 0.5 and 1.5 litres per hour. 5 hp outboards are demonstably efficient in calm waters without strong currents or waves.

If you are planning relaxed boat trips, a 5 hp petrol outboard is a great choice. It is perfect for leisure trips and short distances where fuel economy is a priority. However, please note that fuel consumption increases at higher speeds. At constant full throttle, the 5 hp petrol outboard can even go over two litres per hour. So make sure you balance the way you use your motor for the best results.

Want to make sure your 5 hp outboard motor lasts as long as possible and want practical advice? Then take a closer look at our SVB guide Outboard Care & Maintenance and read our expert tips! If you find yourself missing a part for a repair needed to your 5 HP motor, you can find high-quality outboard spares in our online shop.

Which types of boat are particularly suitable for a 5 hp outboard?

5 hp outboard motors are perfect for small to medium-sized boats, providing the user with power and manoeuvrability. They are suitable for a number of different types of boat. Let's take a look:

Inflatable boats: 

Inflatable dinghies that are around three metres in length make perfect vessels for 4-stroke 5 hp outboards. Light inflatable boats don't need more than 5 HP to effectively drive them. Take your inflatable boat to the next level with a lightweight, nifty 5 HP outboard motor. 

Kayaks & canoes: 

Both kayaks and canoes are great when used with a 5 hp outboard to cover longer distances faster. This is especially handy if you want to extend your exploration tours.

Fishing boats:

For anglers who want to power a smaller boat and are mainly in calm waters, the 5 hp outboard motor is ideal. With a 4-stroke outboard 5 hp, you can navigate your fishing boat effortlessly to the best places to fish. 

Rowing boats:

A 5 hp outboard motor lets you move smoothly on lakes and rivers, even with rowing boats. This combination opens up completely new perspectives and opportunities to enjoy nature to the full.


Sailors can also make good use of a 4 stroke 5 hp outboard as an auxiliary engine. It makes it easier to enter and leave harbours and makes your sailing excursions even less complicated.


Even on larger vessels, tenders with a 5 hp outboard are extremely useful. These small boats offer the freedom to take short trips to the shore or explore the surrounding area. So nothing can stop you from going ashore and enjoying the sights on land!

As winter approaches, it's time to prepare your engine to protect it from damp and cold. After all, you'll want to enjoy your 5 hp outboard motor again next year. In our SVB guide to winterising your outboard you'll find all kinds of interesting information on the subject and read step-by-step instructions on how to do so correctly. Take a look at our Outboard Accessories to find the right equipment to go with your outboard. 

Your guide to 5 hp outboards: Care, maintenance and optimal accessories

The long-lasting performance of your engine depends on good outboard care & maintenance. Cleaning the propeller and hull regularly, changing the oil and maintaining the cooling system are crucial to keeping your 4-stroke 5 hp outboard in top shape. If you need outboard spare parts, you will find them in our SVB online shop, as well as valuable outboard accessories to complete your boat set-up.

When the season comes to an end, it is essential to have your outboard motor professionally winterised. Drain the fuel and flush out the cooling system to prevent frost damage. You can find out more in our SVB guide.

The right preparation is essential for the best start to your adventure on the water. Pay attention to the fuel quality, follow the starting instructions and transport your 5 hp outboard motor safely. Our tips on starting, refuelling and transporting outboards correctly gives you all the necessary information in a concise and clear guide!

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