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2-component boat paints consist of a base coat and a hardener. These two components must be mixed before application, allowing the paint to achieve its full effect. The mixing ratio specified by the manufacturer must be adhered to! Not only must the right mixing ratio be taken into account when using 2-component boat paints, but also the right ambient temperature and the humidity content of the air.

2-component boat paint

- Paint your boat new -

Advantages and disadvantages of 2-component boat paints

2-component yacht paints are particularly hard and keep their gloss longer than 1-component boat paints. Those who are willing to pay the slightly higher price than 1-component enamels and are confident in their use will enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results.

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Harald U. on 02.10.2022

Very professional!!

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Harald U. on 02.10.2022

One word, perfect.

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Franklin W. on 02.10.2022