CATCH AND LIFT Rescue System

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CATCH AND LIFT Rescue System
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Product description

CATCH and LIFT combines the two stages of a rescue operation into one system: The first step entails connecting the person gone overboard with a heaving line. During the second step, the person is lifted back on board (automatically and without muscle effort). CATCH and LIFT is easy to operate even in severe weather conditions and stressful situations. A quick rescue of the person overboard is guaranteed.
The operating principle is incredibly simple:
1. Open the case, hook the pulley at the end of the boom.
2. Cast the rescue sling and circle at a safe distance around the person in the water.
3. Cast the drag chute and pull the person back on board.

  • Maximum lifting load: 200 kg
  • Breaking load of the entire system: 600 daN
  • Total weight incl. case: 4.9 kg
  • Case size: 364 x 295 x 169 mm

Requirements for the sailing yacht
  • Minimum breaking load "Dirk": 600 daN
  • Sailing yacht traction at least: 200 kg
  • The hooking point of the pulley should be about 1.8 meters above deck
  • Maximum freeboard height 3 meters


Upon request, you can personalize your CATCH AND LIFT System with for example your name or your boat's name, its identification or something completely different. You can use up to 14 characters (incl. spaces), which are embossed on an elegant name plate by the manufacturer. If personalization is desired, please let us know. Please be aware that delivery times will be longer in that case. 

The system
Catch and lift
Catch and lift

A Pulley
The pulley is marked with a 1 and is attached to the sailing vessel with a snap hook. Possible hooking points for this purpose are on the right or on the left of the shrouds or at the end of the boom (topping lift). The pulley is pivoted. Possible rope twists automatically become untwisted during the return process. Furthermore, the pulley is fitted with a special rope cleat. This rope cleat secures the returned rope and, thus, also the person gone overboard immediately upon his/her return on board.


Catch and lift

B Rescue sling
The rescue sling is furnished with a red tether that is marked with a 2. This rescue sling has several functions:

  • Heaving line: approx. 40 meters of floating rope stowed in two pockets.
  • Brake function: when the floating rope is unstrapped, the two pockets fill with water. The rescue sling can be steered to the person in the water with pinpoint accuracy regardless of wind conditions.
  • The rescue sling is used if the person in the water carries no life jacket or the life jacket is not equipped with the lift device to which a snap hook can be hooked.
  • A snap hook: if the life jacket is equipped with a lift device, the red snap hook should be hooked to it. It can be hooked easily even with cold, stiff fingers. This snap hook is identical to the snap hook on the pulley.
Catch and lift

C Sea anchor
The sea anchor is furnished with a red hand strap that is marked with a 3. To ensure that the sea anchor only unfolds in water (and not on board the vessel due to strong winds), it is packed in a special protective cover which is environmentally friendly and completely dissolves in water within 3 seconds. The sea anchor opens very quickly, in an automatic and reliable fashion as soon as surrounded by water.

Catch and lift
D Floating rope
The yellow floating rope floats in water and is clearly visible on the water's surface. It has a total length of approx. 60 meters. Measured from the pulley, about 50 meters of floating rope are available for circling around (CATCHING) the person gone overboard. The remaining 10 meters of floating rope stretch from the pulley to the sea anchor and ensure unobstructed casting of the sea anchor into the water.
Catch and lift
E Case
The case is an important component of CATCH and LIFT. Closed with two red seals, it securely protects all contained system components against humidity, dirt, UV rays and mechanical impacts. This way only, a reliable operation of CATCH and LIFT is ensured. Thanks to the built-in air pressure compensation valve, the case is safe for air travel. It is also air-, dust - and waterproof according to IP67 standards. It complies with all the basic requirements of STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41 standards.
Catch and lift
F Wire clamp (optional)
The wire rope clamp is mounted on the shrouds and constitutes the readily available hooking point for the pulley - regardless of the position of the sails. The shrouds are extremely suitable for the LIFT of the person gone overboard due to their sturdiness and position. The wire rope clamp is optional and available for all shroud diameters from 6 mm to 20 mm.

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This rating belongs to item no. 64324

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