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ZODIAC - the market leader in inflatable boats and life rafts. A genious invention that revolutionized the water sports market: In the 30s, Frenchman Alain Bombard creates the first ever rigid-hull inflatable boat. In order to begin the production process, Bombard draws on the resources of former aircraft manufacturer "Zodiac" and simultaneously adopts the name Zodiac for his re-inflatable boats with rigid bottoms. Today, the name Zodiac has even been established as a synonym for "inflatable boats" in the French language and is known worldwide as a pioneer of innovative inflatables and life rafts. Zodiac also produces Bombard inflatable boats, which are used in various fields, such as: the military, fishing and the hobby marine sector.

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COASTER ISO9650 Life Raft
Product image of ZODIAC COASTER ISO9650 Life Raft
EVERSAFE Life Raft / Container
Product image of ZODIAC EVERSAFE Life Raft / Container
Product image of ZODIAC EVERSAFE Life Raft
OPEN SEA Life Raft
Product image of ZODIAC OPEN SEA Life Raft
Typhoon Series Sportboat
Product image of ZODIAC Typhoon Series Sportboat
ZODIAC Typhoon Series Sportboat
1149.90 EUR In stock from €1,149.90

More information on our Bombard inflatable boats can be found here.

Zodiac's life rafts are available in various sizes and designs and come in either a bag or a container. Zodiac life rafts are top-of-the-line, brand-name products and are characterized by their high safety standards throughout the production process.

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