Yacht Devices has been developing NMEA2000 compatible sensors such as temperature, barometer, exhaust gas temperature, humidity and many more since its foundation, and a member of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) since 2015. Furthermore, its product portfolio includes various NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 multiplexers as well as WiFi and engine gateways. A particular characteristic of Yacht Devices' products is the easy installation and configuration of their sensors and adapters, done with any PC via a text file stored on a MicroSD card. NMEA2000 data can be displayed on mobile devices or PCs via a web page using the WiFi gateway. Learn more about YACHT DEVICES...

Yacht Devices for your sports boat

- Data recording in your NMEA2000 system -

Having an overview of your boat data is crucial when making the right decisions for you and your crew on board. It is of the utmost importance that data measured is accurate and precise. YACHT DEVICES guarantees this precision and has been delighting sailors and motorboat enthusiasts alike ever since entering the market.

SVB can supply you with a wide range of equipment for maritime use. This includes sensors for humidity, exhaust and air temperature, engine data loggers (engine interface), multiplexers, Wi-Fi routers and much more. Many products are already designed for use with both NMEA2000 and SeaTalkNG.

The electronics at the heart of their devices are kept simple, they're easy to install even for non-professionals,  and totally reliable in performance. You too can benefit from efficient recording of your boat data with YACHT DEVICES.