WHISPER POWER has risen to the challenge of producing quiet and vibration-free generators and electrical systems. To achieve this goal has taken hard work and constant development of new ideas. WHISPER POWER generators are used all over the world and can also be used in poor environmental conditions on water, on land and in the air. Their power supply systems are sustainable, efficient, compact and made for boating.

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WhisperPower energy and propulsion systems

- smart, energy saving solutions -

WhisperPower is an international leader in the development, production and maintenance of modern (hybrid) energy and propulsion systems. WhisperPower systems are used worldwide in places that are (temporarily) without normal electrical power, onboard yachts, commercial vessels, many types of vehicles and in remote locations. As energy use increases, so too does the demand for smart, energy saving solutions.

An intelligent combination of mechanics and electronics enables WhisperPower to offer the most sustainable, efficient and compact power systems. In addition to the renowned fixed rpm generators the range consists of the Genverter variable speed generators, hybrid energy and propulsion systems, maintenance free batteries, chargers, battery/charger combinations and numerous practical system accessories. WhisperPower is a Dutch company with sales offices in the UK, Spain, Germany and China, and a global sales and service network of professional sales partners and electricians.