Dutch company WATERWORLD is leading the industry with its innovative, low maintenance but powerful inboard electric drive systems, available in a range of 4 kW to 10 kW and designed to optimise the boating experience for emission-free, environmentally friendly and future-orientated water sports. WATERWORLD electric boat engines offer an alternative to conventional diesel engines on boats and ships up to 10 metres in length. Learn more about WATERWORLD...


Long-lasting, reliable and affordable. We give you the WATERWORLD Inboard System. WATERWORLD's electric motors for boats are among the most affordable electric inboard drives on the market. Featuring high-quality aluminium, WATERWORLD electric motors can be used on ships in salt water and in the harsh sea air. The high-torque, brushless and elegant WATERWORLD motors are suitable for boats with shaft drives up to a length of 10 metres and a displacement of 7.5 tonnes, and are available for both motorboats or sailboats.

WATERWORLD is an environment-driven company from the Netherlands with several years expertise in developing alternative drive systems for different types of vessels. Creating electric drive systems for boats was always WATERWORLD's ambition in a effort to make shipping CO₂-free in many places. And this ambition is demonstrated further by their choice of manufacturing their systems at home in the Netherlands. A choice which has resulted in efficient and environmentally-friendly propulsion solutions that are Made in Holland, but not necessarily more expensive than conventional combustion engines. This is due to the efficient production, simple installation and minimal maintenance requirements of their systems. WATERWORLD electric motors are now distributed by TORQEEDO and are available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among other countries.

Why buy a WATERWORLD motor?

WATERWORLD electric inboards are quiet and efficient. WATERWORLD SYSTEMs feature longer run times on a single charge, so you can easily use them the whole day long. Then just charge overnight and you're good to go the next day. WATERWORLD provides everything you need to convert your boat to electric drive, the complete package. The system includes the engine, a throttle lever and a colour display for the battery monitor. WATERWORLD has also developed its own state-of-the-art lithium batteries. Which means complete homogeneity for smooth and reliable operation of the whole system. But that doesn't mean their electric motors are only compatible with WATERWORLD batteries. They can also run on all other batteries that meet the performance requirements. WATERWORLD also supplies matching mounting brackets for easy conversion from diesel to electric.

Electric motors from WATERWORLD are characterised by long range, have no gearbox that causes losses in efficiency or noise on board, and do not require water cooling. And the motor is connected directly to your existing shaft, which makes retrofitting so easy. They are emission-free, low-maintenance and quiet - and therefore make a bold statement in terms of contributing to sustainability on the water.

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SVB offers various versions of the electric WATERWORLD motor. You can find the electric inboard motor in our shop as a 4.0 kW electric inboard motor, as a 7.5 kW electric inboard motor and as a 10.0 kW electric inboard motor.

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