WASI stainless fasteners have long been common place among boat equipment with water sports enthusiasts, for example as anchor and anchor chain fasteners. WASI's high-quality, stainless steel DIN and standard parts are used increasingly more on the mainland. Learn more about WASI...
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Versatility on board

- V4A material from WASI -

A variety of fields, such as architecture, horticulture, landscaping or industry, make use of the versatility and robustness of WASI V4A stainless maritime products. You too can rely on WASI when it comes to stainless fasteners. In addition to the typical WASI boat accessories, the SVB online shop also features WASI screw cases with a selection of high-quality screws, clamps, nuts, cotter pins, spring washers or a range of screws including chipboard screws and self-tapping screws with Philips head, countersunk head or screws with flat-seating head.