At the end of the 1880s, inventions were booming in Germany. Technical innovations changed and enriched people's lives, such as the built-in combustion engine, x-rays and the electric light bulb. Adolf Müller founded his company Büsche & Müller in Hagen, laying the foundation for VARTA's future. VARTA batteries have signified advanced technology, performance and excellent service ever since.

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AGM deep cycle batteries from VARTA

- For energy on board -

Today, VARTA products are found in millions of vehicles, racing boats, motorcycles and motorhomes. VARTA receives expertise from Johnson Controls Power Solutions, the global leader in lead acid and advanced batteries for conventional vehicles, as well as start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles.

SVB carries Professional Deep Cycle AGM batteries, which were specifically designed for modern electric boats, yachts and RVs. The advantage: The VARTA AGM batteries with absorbent glass fleece and lead-acid technology are long-lasting and offer enormous energy reserves. Due to minimal self-discharge, they are absolutely maintenance-free and therefore perfectly suitable for seasonal use.