A passion for the sea and boats brought the founder of ULTRA MARINE to the International Boat Show in Dubai. Here he discovered revolutionary anchors and anchor accessories from a family business in Istanbul. ULTRA MARINE has been the exclusive distributor of these products in Europe since 2014. ULTRA MARINE anchors are functional and strong so you can relax and feel safe when you drop anchor. This is boating at the highest level and with complete satisfaction. Not only that, using an ULTRA MARINE anchor helps to protect the underwater world. Learn more about ULTRA MARINE...
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Why buy an ULTRA MARINE anchor?

- The advantages -

The handcrafted 316L and 318NL duplex (shank) stainless steel ULTRA MARINE anchors have an optimal weight distribution. This is important for alignment and retrieval of the anchor, among other things, and ensures they always turn back to the correct position. Their special design makes these anchors easy to recover thanks to the flat swivel surface on the underside. There are no openings or recesses to trap mud or other debris. Furthermore, the anchor chain cannot wrap around the shaft of the anchor. Since the centre of gravity is deep in the body of the anchor, it always hits the seabed right side up, thereby guaranteeing the best hold. Rounded tips help the anchor to penetrate the seabed, without the chain grab from catching.

ULTRA MARINE anchors are suitable for all types of vessels. Standard anchor sizes range from 5 kg to 360 kg. In addition, a lifetime guarantee is given on Ultra Marine anchors. A range of accessories is available to make anchoring even easier, more comfortable and safer.

With the ULTRA MARINE anchor and its accessories, boating enthusiasts can anchor safely and with confidence. Take a weight off your mind and let your passion for boating run free!