Sandblasting without sand? TERCOO makes it possible!
TERCOO is an ingenious natural rubber disc with 12 carbide pins. The pins are located at a balanced angle toward the center and are pushed outward by means of centrifugal force with the drill during operation. The rotating disc removes rust, paint, tar, epoxy, varnish and adhesive coatings from various surfaces such as steel, iron, concrete or stone. SVB carries 3 different versions of the TERCOO disc (single / double / triple), which are suitable for drill operation with a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm. TERCOO is developed and distributed in the Netherlands by Tercoo BV. more information
Suction System
Product image of TERCOO Suction System
TERCOO Suction System
83.79 EUR only €86.68
Guide rail with spacer
Product image of TERCOO Guide rail with spacer
TERCOO Guide rail with spacer
87.68 EUR only €90.70
Single Disc, Metal
Product image of TERCOO Single Disc, Metal
TERCOO Single Disc, Metal
38.94 EUR only €40.28
Double Disc, Metal
Product image of TERCOO Double Disc,  Metal
TERCOO Double Disc, Metal
68.18 EUR only €70.53
Triple Disc, Metal
Product image of TERCOO Triple Disc, Metal
TERCOO Triple Disc, Metal
97.43 EUR only €100.79

Which TERCOO disc for which use?

TERCOO single
Ideal for removing rust spots or water bubbles in paint on smaller surfaces.

TERCOO double
Ideal for treating larger surfaces on keels or complete smaller decks.

TERCOO triple
Ideal for handling large surfaces of the underwater hull or complete decks.

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